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Financially Faithful: Breaking the Shackles of Debt and Pursuing Generosity

You can get out of debt and save for the future without increasing your income.

This book shows you how to survive and thrive on an ordinary or even, a meager income by using the money secrets found in God’s word.
In this workbook you’ll discover:

  • What is the proper money mindset for Christians.
  • How to set up a budget, even if you are a beginner.
  • How to honor God by being generous.
  • Why Rainy Days Aren’t Just Bad Luck and How You Can Be Prepared.
  • Understand How Tithing Fits with New Testament Christianity
  • How to Stack Your Debt Payments to Get Out of Debt Quickly
  • How You Can Insure Yourself

Are you ready to be financially faithful? 
If you want to finally get a handle on your finances and escape the tyranny of debt, click on the “Get The Book Now” link below to get a copy of Financially Faithful today.

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