Prophetic Signs For Which You Should Watch

Israeli and Palestinian flags on fire

By now, you have probably heard of the deadly attack that Hamas perpetrated against Israel. This could be just another war in this volatile region of the world. But it could be more. Jesus predicted that there would be “wars and rumors of war” as we enter the time of the end of human government. If this is a war with eschatological implications, here are some of the prophetic signs for which we should be watching.

  1. Israel will respond with ferocity. Israel has a policy of responding in kind to attacks. Since this was a horrific attack, we should expect Israel’s response will be ferocious.
  2. Other Muslim nations and allied nations will criticize Israel’s response as too severe. If Hamas has killed hundreds of Israelis, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) may kill thousands. The United Nations (UN) will condemn Israel and Muslim neighbors will rattle sabers. Look for responses from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and possibly Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and/or Iran. This could be the start of the predicted “Psalm 83 war.”
  3. A possibility is the international community will condemn Israel for their severe response. Although Israel didn’t start the war and is merely defending itself against an unprovoked attack, the UN may pass resolutions condemning what is perceived as an overly violent response.
  4. The war may widen into WWIII. More nations could join the fight and this could expand into the 6th trumpet war (Rev. 9:13-21). This war may become nuclear with Iran revealing a surprise nuclear weapon and Israel retaliating with their own nuclear weapon. Or Israel could use a nuke as a preemptive strike if the war goes badly for them.
  5. An Islamic “man of peace” with put forth a diplomatic plan to end the war. (Dan. 11:36-39; 2 Thes. 2:4) Someone the Old Testament calls the Assyrian (will become the world’s perceived savior when he negotiates a peace deal that ends the war, creates a West Bank Palestinian nation, and gives Israel control of the temple mount. This peace plan will last for seven years but it may or may not be stated that it is that length of time.
  6. The Jews will begin rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Jewish people will rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. They will leave the Al-Aqsa mosque and possibly the dome of the Rock in place and will construct the temple in an open area on the northern side of the temple mount.

Of course, all these things are my own speculation, my “guesses,” based on my understanding of scripture. If you have seen things differently according to your study, let me know. Notice that the Rapture is not one of the prophetic signs that I am including. I don’t see the Rapture as occurring at the beginning of the first seven years. I know this view is at odds with what many people believe who are smarter than me. We can discuss that later. For now, look up, for your redemption draws near.

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